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BeitragThema: Superseptember   Di Sep 10, 2013 12:26 am

Ich fand auf einer Seite Hinweise auf kommende Aufgaben für den Superseptember
weiß nicht in wieweit das zutrifft aber evt kommt ja was davon dran.

Old tasks:

Talk to 10 different signature heroes, kings, queens or rulers.
You don't have to have a meaningful conversation, just attempt to talk to them.

Blood, Sweat and Tears
Gather 200 divine tears on the battlefield.
Only tears gathered on the battlefield by Lumbridge through combat or by skilling will count.

Mad Skills
Train at least 15 different skills in a day.
Any XP gain will count, even a small one! If you have already maxed your skills, anything that would get you XP normally will also work.

Run from the Wilderness wall to the deep Wilderness wall without dying or teleporting.
You have to cross both walls to pass this challenge. Remember that in the Wilderness you could come under attack from other players, so don't take things you can't afford to lose. You cannot teleport or die, doing so will fail the challenge.

Miracle Recovery
Trigger 10 portents of restoration.
You can make portents using the Divination skill. Portents trigger automatically when you go below half health.

Go Bananas!
Eat 50 bananas.
You can get bananas from Karamja, or using the Bones to Bananas spell.

Everybody Dance Now
Do a dance emote near to at least 10 people who are also dancing.
You must be fairly close to the other players who are dancing for it to count.

Upcoming tasks:

Harvest Festival
Cheer in the cabbage field north of Port Sarim when there are no cabbages in it.
You might need some friends to help you pick all the cabbages. Don't forget to use the cheer emote when the field is cleared!

Duel with another player in the Duel Arena near Al-Kharid.
Find a friend and test your skill. You must finish the duel to pass this challenge but it does not have to be staked.

Balanced Diet
Fill your inventory with 28 different types of food and drink, then eat something.
Any type of food or drink will count, provided that they heal you. Once you've got a full inventory eat or drink any one of the items to pass the challenge.

Crystal Maze
Find an active crystal tree.
If you find a crystal tree, inspect it. If it is active you will pass the challenge, otherwise it will give you a hint as to where the active tree can be found.

Soul Searching
Complete a game of Soul Wars.
The portal to Soul Wars can be found near Edgeville.

To Forgive is Divine
Harvest from the same wisp as at least 4 other people.
You have to be quick, since the wisp could vanish at any time.

Falador Fun
Find 10 items in a drop party in Falador's Party Room.
You don't have to pick up the item, just find it in a balloon. You may have to put donate some items to help start the party!

Sinking Feeling
Successfully complete a game of Sinkholes.
You can find out more about the next Sinkhole by talking to Talsar in Daemonheim.

Hunter Seeker
Finish a game of Big Chinchompa.
You can find out more by talking to Mieliki Tapio in the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

Speed Daemon
Finish a floor in Daemonheim in less than 5 minutes.
Head up to Daemonheim and see how quickly you can finish a floor. You must finish the floor in less than 5 minutes to complete the challenge.

There's Always a Bigger Fish
Catch, or assist someone in catching, a big fish during a game of Fish Flingers.
Fish Flingers can be started by speaking to the Fisherman who can be found at most fishing spots around Gielinor. You will need the help of other players to get the big fish.

Hunt the Gnome
Find the golden gnome!
You can find the gnome by looking around by yourself or by asking other players. Don't hang around, however, as the gnome will move every hour.

House Party
Enter a Player-Owned House with at least 5 other people in it.
The house can be your own house - just invite all your friends around for a party.

Inappropriate Dress
Complete the Gnome Stronghold Agility Course in a costume.
Any of the following costumes will count: mime, zombie, frog prince or princess, jester, HAM cultist, bird, clown, Ozan, Ariane, Linza, Sir Owen, Super September

Eat, Work, Slay
Gain a social slayer point.
You will need to find a partner using your enchanted gem. Once you've done this, talk to a slayer master and get a social slayer assignment.

Pray at altars devoted to three different gods.
Altars are found throughout Gielinor, and some are devoted to a specific god. You need to find altars devoted to three different gods to pass this challenge.

Hard Sell
Have all six of your Grand Exchange slots filled with either buy or sell offers.
The offers can be completed. If you have already done this, you can complete this challenge by visiting the Grand Exchange and talking to a clerk.

Wayward Wizard
Help a yellow wizard in the Runespan.
You can find a portal to the Runespan on top of the Wizard's Tower. Speak to Wizard Finix to find out more about yellow wizards.

Kill 3 criminals.
Take to the streets and bring justice to the criminals! Thieves, highwaymen, rogues and muggers are all possible targets.

Urn Your Reward
Completely fill and teleport two different urns.
You have to start and finish the urn for it to count towards the challenge.

Social Pyromaniac
Gain a health boost from a bonfire tended to by at least 4 other players.
Find a bonfire and add logs to it - it takes 5 logs to get a health bonus. Don't forget to invite your friends to add logs too.

Rotten Shot
Throw a rotten tomato at a player in a pillory.
You can find pillories in Varrock, Yanille and the Seer's Village.

Farmyard Rampage
Kill 50 cows, rams or chickens.
You can find suitable animals in farms all over Gielinor. Dancing Queen
Perform any emote on top of Varrock, Lumbridge, Falador and Ardougne castles.
It doesn't matter which emote you use - be creative!
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BeitragThema: Re: Superseptember   Di Sep 10, 2013 12:44 am

wow! Smile tyvm!!!!
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